Our Commitment

“To grow, build trust, relationships and focus on keeping things real!”

Our Vision

“To be the most successful and respected Media company in Asia.”

Our Values

“Results Drive Integrity, a Customer Focused approach, Innovative ideas and open communication”

Meet the Team

Lenny Marlina Tanu

CEO & Publisher

The Founder, CEO of Exquisite Media Group, Lenny spent the better part of a decade studying and working in the international fashion and luxury media industry prior to returning to Indonesia and launching Exquisite Media in 2010. Originally from Batam, Indonesia, Lenny also lived in Singapore, where she attained a Civil Engineering Bachelor degree from the respected Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) Singapore. With her cosmopolitan background (Chinese-Hong Kong heritage) and years spent travelling the world, she has developed a keen eye for marketing, style and design, as well as creating online platforms for affluent banking in Indonesia and Asia, which includes Mobile Applications, Website Developer, SEO and SEM for various websites. Having worked with multinational companies in the past, as well as various online and print media publications based in Asia, she was certainly prepared for the challenges that Indonesia’s bustling business environment presents. With its ever-expanding list of publications and a growing events division, Lenny’s life motto is “Work smart, focus on your goal. Don’t be lazy. Never give up and make your dreams come true. Always love your life and be humble!”

Amanda O’Connor


Throughout her childhood in England, Amanda longed for a life beyond the humdrum, determined to have tales to tell her grandchildren in her old age. Visiting Jakarta at the age of 22 changed her life and fostered her love of learning, language, talking to people about their lives, dining and wining. Now a dedicated Bali-phile, she combines her passions with a strong sense of teamwork and organisation to drive the editorial team at Exquisite Media.

Runi Indrani

Senior Managing Editor

Runi is a person of many interests – from arts and culture, to travel and pop culture. Born and raised in Jakarta, she now calls Bali home. One thing is for sure, she has a strong penchant for the art of written storytelling, creating content for professional publications and personal ponderings alike. After writing and editing for several publications in Jakarta and Bali, she experimented in the hospitality industry for a bit, before realising that her true passion lies in the editorial scene. She is now back in her element with Exquisite Media, trying to balance deadlines with delectable drinks.

Rizky Adityo

Managing Editor – Bali

After graduating from business school over a decade ago, Rizky got into writing by chance, finding work as a writer at one of Indonesia’s most prominent magazines. Always eager to meet new people and learn something new, his writings have been published in Thailand and The Philippines. Looking for a change, Rizky decided to leave the big city for a quieter and more relaxed pace of life in Bali and is now your go-to guy for a beer or two on the beach while watching the sun set. As the Managing Editor of Exquisite Media, Rizky oversees every editorial aspect to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Rizki Pradana

Managing Editor – Jakarta

Choki took an unusual path before he found his calling in print publication. He went to architecture school, switching his interest along the way from building and designing to writing. After finishing school, he went straight to the keyboard, going through different jobs: content writer at a startup, men’s fashion online editor, a corporate copywriter for an F&B giant, among others. He even has written jokes and opened his own restaurant business for a while. Yet, his dispersed and diverse experience eventually proved one thing: that he enjoys writing. Now as the Managing Editor of Exquisite Media, Choki is going on another adventure, one deadline at a time.

Putri Desianti

Director of Sales – Bali

With her penchant for meeting new people and networking, Putri kicked off her career as a sales executive for Exquisite Media. With her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from Udayana University in Bali and her working smart ethic, she gained quite the network in the hospitality scene in Bali and Jakarta. She enjoys illustrations and travelling, so she has also dabbled in the design field. As Exquisite Media’s Director of Sales, Putri believes that being a good sales person is not about making the sales, but about knowing how to listen to what the clients want to make the sale.

Evy Mariana Tanu

Chief Accounting Officer

Evy is an highly motivated professional with vast experience in financial and accounting roles. Driven by her passion to travel around the world, Evy once strongly considered a career as a flight attendant. However, her interest in financial services led her to pursue her education in the field of accounting. What naturally followed was a career in the banking services sector where she rotated through different departments, hence improving her professional skills. Despite fulfilling a challenging and rewarding career within the financial sector, the longing to travel the world lingered in her mind. When the opportunity to be a part of Exquisite Media came about, Evy knew that this was the perfect opportunity to marry her interest to travel with her skills in the financial sector. The year 2010 saw Evy taking up the role of Chief Financial Officer at Exquisite Media. Her role has allowed her to develop financial strategies and propose recommendations that contribute to the long-term development of Exquisite Media.

Micco Rian

Art Director

The visual world of arts and design has long been Micco’s interest. His love of design encouraged him to study the arts and major in visual communication design at what is now known as the International Design School in Jakarta. He honed his skills working in different fields, including at a telecommunication company, airport, leisure and night life destinations, print and digital media, and even a weapons factory. He moved to Bali in 2017 to join Exquisite Media where he has worked his way up to become the Art Director.

Shanti Wicaksani

Sales & Marketing Manager

Graduating from the Faculty of Economy at Brawijawa University in Malang, Shanti majored in banking finance management before pursuing a career in sales and marketing. She started her journey working for a well-known wedding organiser in Bali as a wedding planner, before tackling new challenges as F&B Sales Manager and Sales and Marketing Executive in leading hospitality destinations in Bali. She first joined Exquisite Media in 2012, where she enjoyed meeting new people and achieving targets. She returned to Exquisite Media in 2021 as the Sales & Marketing Manager to pursue her passion in the industry. In her free time, Shanti likes to read and dance.

Clif Pontororing

Creative Director

With degrees in information technology, as well as in graphic design and multimedia, Clif has honed the relevant skills and developed a passion for the creative industry. With more than 10 years of experience, including being a graphic designer for leading hotels and media in Bali, Clif also excels in photography and videography. A hard worker with problem solving and technical skills, Clif is now the Creative Director of Exquisite Media, where he is in charge of various design and multimedia elements of the company.

Erin Kusuma Dewi​

Sales & Marketing Manager

Deli Waty

Director of Sales – Jakarta

Irfina Indriyani


Ni Luh Suarjani​

Graphic Designer

Yolanda Paramitha

Graphic Designer